Job Postings

Job Postings

Animal Health Planner - Riley Co.

Kansas Dept of Agriculture

Job Description: 

The Animal Health Planner will work within the Division of Animal Health at the Kansas Department of Agriculture to develop, write, and review plans related to livestock health and biosecurity with an emphasis on preparedness activities and continuity of business during an animal disease outbreak. Ensure that Secure Food Supply (SFS) plans are researched and developed to incorporate applicable priority planning elements; provide technical assistance to livestock, dairy, and poultry production partners, processors, transporters, and allied industries; collaborate with regional and national agricultural coalitions on SFS planning and preparedness efforts; assist with training and exercise planning, design, development, conduct, and evaluation.

This position seeks, writes, coordinates, and administers applicable SFS grants and cooperative agreements, coordinates the activities of consultants, private industry, and governmental agencies, and serves as an SFS technical and/or planning expert so that department and industry SFS plans are fully developed and exercised. Collaborates with federal, state, and private industry planners, coordinates activities of intergovernmental working groups and private industry. Serves as the "lead worker" coordinating department SFS planning, training, and exercise activities. Supervises interns hired to develop plans with industry partners.

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--Posted 9/30/18

Emergency Management Planner - Sedgwick County

This position was opened back up for a short time.  Apply today.

This position is responsible for the administrative support and daily coordination of all hazards planning within Sedgwick County.  The Emergency Management Planner also performs research related to the update and creation of all plans maintained by Sedgwick County Emergency Management.  Salary range is  $40,347.84 - $59,042.88.  This is a grant funded position.

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--Posted 9/18/18