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KEMA Awards 2022

Outstanding Service Award


  • Broderick Bean, Butler County Health Department
  • Lisa Peters, North Central Regional Planning Commission

Winner: Broderick Bean, Butler County Health Department

Broderick Bean has proven he is a team player and a valuable asset to the world of Emergency Preparedness. Broderick jumped into his new role as Butler County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, he successfully led COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites across Butler County as well as maintaining his day-to-day job duties. 

During the April 29, 2022, tornado that affected parts of Sedgwick and Butler Counties; Broderick brought tetanus vaccine to the communities by setting up locations at the Community Resource Center, Volunteer Reception Center, as well as going into the hardest hit areas with wagons, nurses, and vaccines so individuals would not have to leave the sites where they were working. Broderick also took a couple days to help Butler County Emergency Management at the Volunteer Reception Center to help check in volunteers using the Salamander Rapid Tag system as well as riding along with Butler County Emergency Management to verify work sites for the volunteers to be sent to.

Winner: Lisa Peters, North Central Regional Planning Commission

Lisa Peters serves as the Assistant Director and Homeland Security Fiscal Coordinator for the North Central Regional Planning Commission. While the North Central Regional Planning Commission is contracted to provide Fiscal Agent services to the Kansas Regional Homeland Security Councils, Lisa has continuously throughout the last 36 months gone above and beyond when working with project managers.

In 2019, changes in priorities for projects across the state took place whereby how POETE was achieved was considerably affected. During the 2020-2022 calendar years, funding could not be spent as originally thought due to Covid-19, and Lisa was instrumental in putting in extra hours to help regions, and the respective project managers, get the monies spent appropriately. Many weekends, holidays, and after-hour phones calls and emails were sent/received which lessened the burden on project managers. Many of the project managers themselves were still tied-up in Covid-19 related operations, as well as their normal respective statutory and local requirements. Lisa was quick to inform those who were new as to how best to approach a project, while providing solutions to those with conundrums, instead of complaining. While Lisa's previous years of service to the regions are just as memorable, it is the last three years of service that have stood out. While the regions are made up of more than just emergency managers, her patience, skill, expertise, and understanding of the rules made a huge impact on those who worked with her.

Leon H. Mannell Outstanding Emergency Management Support Professional Award


  • Jeanne Bunting, KDEM
  • Bill Cooke, Webster Conference Center
  • Bryan Ellis, Harvey County Emergency Management
  • Ann Houk, Sedgwick County LEPC
  • Mark Stump, United Way of the Plains 

Winner: Mark Stump, United Way of the Plains

On behalf of the United Way, he willingly took on the task of establishing and promoting a fund to collect financial donations for disaster survivors. As of early June, that effort had raised over $750,000. He also agreed to manage the physical donations that quickly began rolling in, working out a plan to receive and distribute everything from water bottles to cleaning supplies to hygiene products. During one of the first operational briefings, a plan was discussed to establish a single Multi-Agency Resource Center that would support survivors from all the affected jurisdictions.

Mark was asked and agreed to spearhead the creation and management of this MARC. Over the two weeks it was in operation, he helped pull in and organize almost a dozen relief agencies, who met with over 100 survivors in those two weeks alone. As the counties and the city started to shift from response to recovery, Mark provided valuable subject matter expertise, coordinated with VOAD organizations to establish case management, and helped to get the combined Long-Term Recovery Committee up and off the ground (which, like the MARC, was structured to support all affected jurisdictions). The number of survivors impacted by these relief efforts has now grown to over 200. Mark's years of experience and willingness to support in any way needed make him a crucial emergency management partner, a very welcome sight in emergency managers' eyes when he arrives on scene, and very deserving of this year's award. 

Randy reinecker Instructor of the Year


  • Cody Charvat, Sedgwick County Emergency Management
  • Mark Willis, KDEM

Winner: Cody Charvat, Sedgwick County Emergency Management

During 2021 and 2022 Cody has taught more than 1000 attendees in many classes including:

  • Weather spotter classes for first responders
  • On-site tornado and storm safety classes using homemade tornado machine
  • EOC open practice trainings for key stakeholders
  • Disaster preparation training for several businesses
  • Coordinated and sponsored MGT 412-Event Venue Evacuation and Protective Action Class
  • Coordinated and sponsored AWR 167-Special Event Risk Management Class
  • Conducted site survey and storm safety training for various businesses and churches
  • Presented regional mitigation plan education to cities of Bentley, Bel Air, and Andale city councils
  • On-site severe weather safety training for bus drivers and appraisers office
  • Instructed emergency procedures and storm safety to Wichita State University building coordinators
  • Coordinated and co-instructed first-ever joint Business Preparedness Workshop to small businesses
  • Co-facilitated public advanced storm spotter class
  • Coordinated and sponsored Above/Below the line HAZMAT classes for local firefighters and HAZMAT teams

Col Mahlon G. Weed Outstanding New Emergency Management Professional


  • Tara Ghere, Butler County Emergency Management
  • Jonathan Marr, Sedgwick County Emergency Management

Winner: Jonathan Marr, Sedgwick County Emergency Management

Jon spent days upon days learning everything he could from our county's tornado siren expert, John Crosby. Jonathan conducted an in-depth analysis on the maintenance and operational costs to keep the aging system running. Jonathan identified excessive costs with reactive maintenance and implemented a preventative maintenance strategy. The shift from reactive to preventative maintenance saved over $30K in just the first year (2021 ).

Under his leadership, the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) and the K9 Search and Rescue volunteer teams have made department specific revisions to plans and policies that led to county-wide volunteer policy changes. Already under Jonathan's leadership the K9 team was requested to search for a missing child in rural Sedgwick County and by the Nebraska Highway Patrol to search for a missing person near the Kansas Nebraska border. Shortly thereafter, the team was called out again to find a missing person but this time in Chase County.

Immediately upon completion of the CERT Train the Trainer course, Jonathan was invited to teach basic Emergency Management and fire-safety classes for the Douglas County, KS CERT. Jonathan is now collaborating with 21 local municipalities to begin teaching CERT in their communities. Jonathan's creativity led to a department level rebranding to strengthen community partnerships as well as support the vision of building a contemporary benchmarked county Emergency Management Department. Jonathan led the effort to design a new department logo and development of the first comprehensive annual report to share with partner agencies.

Jonathan's extensive first responder and risk management background led to his appointment to the county's newly created Safety Accident Review Board (SARB). Jonathan was selected by the Sedgwick County's executive leadership team to attend the Wichita State University MiniMPA program, an executive development for public administrators' program. Jonathan helped activate the county's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during the Sedgwick County/Andover tornado as soon as he literally saw the tornado on his way home. Jon coordinated the K9 Search team with first responders during multiple search and rescue sweeps and ensured timely communication between the on-site command post and the EOC. Jonathan then continued to support survivors through the recovery process by visiting with each of them individually during the first few days. This connection-built trust and ensured survivors were connected with the needed resources at the Multi-Agency Resource Center.

Despite having no direct emergency management experience, Jonathan quickly demonstrated his aptitude to learn and natural talent to build trust and relationships with key stakeholders. In just a short time he strengthened partnerships between emergency management and the fire chief's association as well as the local police chief's association and other key agencies.

Jonathan was recently selected as Sedgwick County's Excellence in Public Safety award recipient for not only his work in emergency management but also his overall public service contributions to the community as a whole. Jonathan's accomplishments thus far and his enthusiasm to make the world a better place is inspiring. Even though you may hear Jon say, "weather is dumb," Jonathan truly deserves to be recognized as the outstanding new emergency management professional for 2022.



  • Bryan Ellis, KCEM, Harvey County Emergency Management
  • Mike Haase, KCEM, Gove County Emergency Management             
  • Beth Koehler, KCEM, Elk County Emergency Management      
  • Keri Korthals, KCEM, Butler County Emergency Management
  • Lee Miller, KCEM, Montgomery County Emergency Management          

Winner: Keri Korthals, KCEM, Butler County Emergency Management

Since being appointed as Butler County Emergency Manager, Keri has continued to improve and enhance an already great program to keep pace with the everchanging Emergency Management world. She was instrumental in the planning and construction of the recently finished Butler County EOC and storage building that houses County Emergency equipment. Keri currently serves as Secretary for KEMA, which she has done for several years. She has been a huge asset in accurately recording the minutes of the Meetings and helping the Board as they strive to improve the Organization.

On April 29th, 2022, Keri returned from Emmitsburg after several days of training to improve her skill set in Emergency Management. Two hours later, a tornado touched down in Sedgwick County and continued through Andover. In true Keri fashion, fighting jet lag and no sleep, she responded to Andover and established an EOC/ICP, working through the night and the next day. She did what Emergency Managers are supposed to do; getting resources, notifying the State, requesting additional Command and General Staff for support, and helped manage the EOC/ICP. She did all of this with a smile and cheerful attitude, despite the stressful situation, no sleep and jet lag! These are just a few of the reasons Keri is and should be the KEMA Emergency Management Professional of the Year.

Life Members

Butch Post, KCEM, Rooks County Emergency Management

Butch started off his career by receiving the EM of the Year award his first year as an Emergency Manager. He has served as chairman of the NW Regional Homeland Security Council, NW Regional Vice President for KEMA, and is currently KEMA President. He served as President Elect and KEMA conference chairman for two years during the pandemic and while everyone else was cancelling conferences, he was figuring out a way to make the next KEMA conference happen and do it well! He has always said he believes in honesty and transparency, and he has put truth to his words during the past year. He has had to deal with several situations involving KEMA and has worked through them with leadership and the ability to listen to all sides. KEMA was already a great organization, but everyday Butch strives to make it even better and come up with new ideas to promote emergency management in Kansas.

Butch is one the most empathetic and big-hearted emergency managers in the state. He is always willing to help his neighbors, even if they are clear across the state. Butch is also a person that doesn't know a stranger and will listen to anyone's concerns....and REALLY listen! He has a great talent for reading between the lines and keeping the lines of communication open with all agencies, regions and individual counties! But his most significant contribution to the purpose of KEMA is to realize we can't do it alone and tries to look at every situation and ask will this be the best for every member of KEMA. . .those from large counties, small counties, private business, or others who are involved in Emergency Management on some level in our great state. Butch is surrounded by an awesome support system, and his biggest supporter and cheerleader is his wife, Lois! His proudest accomplishments are his children and grandchildren! He uses all this to keep him grounded, but his LOUDEST cheerleaders are his fellow comrades from the Northwest!

Brian Stone, KCEM, Cowley County Emergency Management

Brian has been a KEMA member for longer than membership records are available to provide documentation. Based on his initial KCEM date he has been a member since at least 2003. Brian Stone started his career with Cowley County Emergency Management in 2002. Since then, he has contributed greatly to the Kansas Emergency Management Association and emergency management within the State of Kansas. That why he is nominated by members of the South-Central region for KEMA Life Membership.

During Brian's nearly two decades of involvement with KEMA he has served in various elected or appointed roles for 8 years. He was initially elected as South Central Vice President in 2009 and served in that position for 3 years. In 2012 he was chosen as President-Elect and served as KEMA President in 2013 and Past President in 2014. He has also served as a KEMA delegate on a legislative visit to Washington DC. More recently, he's now in his second term as KEMA's Kansas Association of Counties representative where he serves as an advocate for emergency management interests to a broader audience of multiple member and affiliate organizations.

In addition to his board and appointed positions, Brian serves as a mentor to many. As one of the more tenured emergency managers in the state, many people have sought his advice and guidance over the years, which he is always happy to provide. He is a member of the KDEM Training Cadre where he frequently instructs Public Information Officer courses. He has served as a PIO or provided incident support for multiple disasters across the state. Brian is a respected fixture within the region and across the  entire state.

Brian has a great deal of passion for emergency management as a profession. He epitomizes KEMA's mission, and is a leader dedicated to excellence and the principals of emergency management.

President's Choice Award - Selected by KEMA President Butch Post

Recipients: Kathleen Fabrizius & Mickie Helberg 

For this award, the KEMA president tried to come up with someone who had gone above and beyond their “normal” responsibilities.  This year there was not just one person, but two, who were chosen as the recipients for the 2022 KEMA President's Choice Award. 

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